How to Repair a Concrete Floor

Step 1

Surface Preparation

  • Broken or worn concrete surfaces to be repaired must be clean, dry and free of any loose, friable material.
  • A wire brush, sweeping or an industrial vacuum is effective for removing surface contamination.
  • Any additional material within the repair area which may compromise the effectiveness of the repair can be knocked out with a hammer and chisel.
  • Any small areas of oil, grease or other non-toxic chemical can be removed using RizistalClean or Rizistal Safer Solvent.


Step 2

Primer the Repair Area

  • We recommend using Rizistal Epoxy Tack Coat Primer on both dry and damp substrates, especially where there is concern regarding the quality of the concrete.
  • The primer has excellent penetrative qualities on porous concrete, improves the strength of the concrete, and provides and effective bonding layer for the Repair Mortar.
  • Mix the two components together thoroughly.
  • Apply using a short pile roller or paint brush to the entire working concrete surface in one thick coat.
  • Leave to cure for 60 minutes at 15 – 20°C.


Step 3

Repair Concrete with Epoxy Repair Mortar

  • Each pack of Rizistal Epoxy Repair Mortar is two part product containing an aggregate & resin blend, and a separate tin of hardener.
  • Mix the two components with a trowel, a mixing paddle attached to a drill or by using gloved hands.
  • The product is ready to install once you achieve a uniform colour and consistency.
  • Apply the mixed Repair Mortar to the repair surface, compact and smooth using a trowel or float.

TOP TIP: To prevent streaks or sticking, wipe the blade with with Rizistal Safer Solvent.


Step 4

Leave to Cure (set) & Clean

  • Once installed, leave your repaired area to cure (set) by following the curing times guidelines below.
  • Clean your equipment and tools with Rizistal Safer Solvent before it begins to cure.

Ready for light traffic:

Ready for heavy traffic:

  • Standard Mortar: 12 hours at 15 – 20°C
  • Fast Cure Mortar: 5 hours at 15 – 20°C
  • Cold Cure Mortar: 12 hours at 0 – 10°C

Please Note: After installation, this product must be kept clean and dry for 12 to 18 hours, otherwise the product performance will be seriously affected, which may result in discolouration and lack of cure.