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  • Epoxy-Asphalt-Tarmac-Floor-Paint-Coating-Anti-Slip
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  • Epoxy-Asphalt-Tarmac-Floor-Paint-Coating-Anti-Slip
  • Epoxy-Asphalt-Tarmac-Floor-Paint-Coating-Anti-Slip
  • Epoxy-Asphalt-Tarmac-Floor-Paint-Coating-Anti-Slip

Rizistal EC358 – Antislip Epoxy Paint for Asphalt & Tarmac

Prices from: £116.93 (Incl VAT)

£97.44 (Excl VAT)

For painting floors or line marking tarmac and concrete surfaces use Rizistal EC358 Epoxy Anti Slip Tarmac Floor Paint Coating which is available in 3 colours. Specially designed for outdoor tarmac and asphalt surfaces, this paint gives great weather and slip resistance for your driveway.

Coverage for asphalt is approximately 17 m² to 19 m² per 5 kg. For tarmac approximately 10 m² to 14 m² per 5 kg depending on substrate quality and imperfections.


Rizistal EC358 Antislip Epoxy Paint for Asphalt & Tarmac is a fast curing and an extremely durable coating system, which provides safety under foot in wet or slippery conditions.

There are 2 aggregate sizes available to suit your requirements; medium and coarse.

  • Medium: Recommended for general interior trafficked areas and walkways.
  • Coarse: Recommended for interior and exterior areas, inclines, ramps and walkways.

It can be used to overcoat large areas of sound asphalt and tarmac, or be used to create demarcation hatching or line marking.

Due to its extremely high bonding characteristics, the floor paint coating can also be used to overcoat prepared concrete, ceramic, wood or previously painted floor areas.

The Anti Slip Asphalt and Tarmac Floor Paint Coating is an ideal surface finish for interior and exterior areas including;

  • Roads
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial floors of all types

Also Available in a smooth gloss paint finish.


CAUTION! Please Read.

Please do not confuse our Rizistal paint and coating systems with conventional heavy duty floor paints, which are available through normal retail outlets and hardware stores.

All of our paints and coatings are made from pure, concentrated resin. This provides extremely high performance characteristics, which far exceed normal floor paints.

You can expect vastly superior wear & abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, film thickness and excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates.

Once applied correctly, a Rizistal paint or coating will provide a one-time, life-long performance.

No need to re-paint your floors every 6 months with us!


For asphalt approx. 12m² to 15m² per 5kg.

For tarmac approx. 5m² to 10m² per 5kg depending on substrate quality and imperfections.

One coat is generally sufficient for most applications, however, if ease of clean is important for the newly applied system, a second coat is recommended.

Working Time

30 to 40 minutes depending on ambient temperatures. Higher ambient temperatures will reduce the pot life. Always decant into a shallow tray, to extend working time.

Anti Slip Properties

2 grades of extremely hard wearing anti slip aggregate is available; medium and coarse. When installed as directed, it is classified as Low Slip Potential Flooring (>40 PTV using the pendulum test method) in both wet and dry conditions.

Testing was carried out and results assessed as described in ‘The Assessment of Floor Slip Resistance: The UKSG Guidelines issue 4 / 2011’. Results were obtained from tests carried out from our own internal laboratory tests.

Continued slip resistance can only be maintained if the guidelines in the HSE’s STEP tool (Slips and Trips eLearning Package) are followed. All figures are measured and expressed under laboratory conditions: Actual performance may vary from the above values depending upon site conditions.

Curing Time

After installation, this product must be kept clean and dry for 12 to 18 hours, otherwise the product performance will be seriously affected, which may result in discolouration and lack of cure.

This product will cure in 6 to 8 hours at 15°C to accept light traffic or a second coating. Full chemical and wear resistance is achieved over 5 to 7 days in similar ambient temperatures.

Temperatures below 10°C will slow down the curing of the product. Temperatures below 5°C will arrest curing. Water or chemicals should not be allowed to lie on the surface for at least 7 days. Avoid washing the floor for 7 days after coating.

Chemical Resistance

This floor coating cures to a very hard, impervious, gloss finish that will resist strong acid and alkali based chemicals. As with all high build gloss paint systems, scratching of the surface could occur due to movement of point loads and impacts.

Temperature Resistance

Will withstand temperatures up to 60°C in both operating and cleaning activities.

General Maintenance

When fully cured, acid and alkali detergents or degreasers may be used to clean the surface. Always follow manufacturer recommendations.

For more technical information about this product and its installation, please download its technical data sheet.


Technical Data | EC358 Asphalt Epoxy Floor Coating Anti SlipInstructions | EC358 Asphalt Epoxy Floor Coating Anti SlipMSDS Base | EC358 Asphalt Epoxy Floor Coating Anti SlipMSDS Hardener | EC358 Asphalt Epoxy Floor Coating Anti SlipMSDS Anti Slip | EC358 Asphalt Epoxy Floor Coating Anti Slip

Additional information


Black, Golden Yellow, Office Red

Weight kg

5 kg, 10 kg

Anti Slip Grade

Medium Grade, Coarse Grade


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