Tarmac Surface Restorer – Rizistal SC860

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£48.99 (Excl VAT)

Rizistal SC860 Tarmac Surface Restorer paint has a blend of specific bituminous resins and flow agents formulated to refresh tired and worn looking tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Rizistal SC860 is one of the best-selling tarmac restorer paints on the market thanks to its easy-to-apply nature and high quality finish.

SC860 is a black surface paint coating designed to make old and faded asphalt and tarmac surfaces look like new again. Its specially designed formulation of bituminous resins and flow agents mean it can be used on a variety of surfaces and it can even be mixed with sand to give a patch repair mortar and crack filler before coating the area.

  • Ideal for car parks, roads and warehouse floors
  • Good weather resistance as well as chemical resistance against acid rain and dilute alkali based cleaning products

Each pack comes ready to use and is easy to apply with a roller or paint brush, in addition SC860 has a rapid cure to minimalize the disruption time.

  • Can be applied onto various substrates
  • Covers surface contamination and seals the substrate
  • Quick application & Rapid Cure
  • Available in 5 L
  • Coverage is approx. 1.8 m² per litre, depending on porosity of the substrate

*We recommend cleaning and priming the surface thoroughly before application to ensure optimum results. If in doubt, apply to a small test area and check after 24 hours.