Epoxy Tack Coat Primer For Dry Conditions – Rizistal TC200

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Rizistal TC200 Tack Coat primer is recommended on dry surfaces where there is a concern regarding the quality of the concrete, metal or other substrate being repaired.

It is a two pack epoxy primer ideal for providing a tacky surface in dry conditions. It will improve the bond of mortars and paints applied on top of it, as well as strengthen and harden the surface of the substrate. After mixing, the product can be applied by brush and is good for topping in just 3 hours. Use Rizistal TC200 for the belt and braces approach to your concrete repair.

  • Provides excellent bond between epoxy repair mortars and existing weak, porous or friable substrate
  • Improves strength on porous substrates
  • An effective bonding layer over damp cementitious substrates

TC200 comes in a pre-mixed container and should be applied as a thick layer over the damaged substrate using a paint brush.

  • Available in 1 kg
  • Coverage is 3.75 m² per kg on concrete. Please note this will be lower on more porous substrates.

Please find all technical information available below for download.


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1 review for Epoxy Tack Coat Primer For Dry Conditions – Rizistal TC200

  1. Stephen Sweeney (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Would recommend using this prior to the resin. It works as described in the online video and gives an excellent finish.

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