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Rizistal EC240 – Fast Cure Gloss Epoxy Paint

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Available in 5 kg £80.87 (Incl VAT)

£67.39 (Excl VAT)

Protect masonry, ceramic and concrete floors quickly from chemicals and traffic with Rizistal EC240 Fast Cure Gloss Epoxy Paint in 9 colours. Our Fast Cure Paint cures in 3 hours at room temperature giving a great glossy finish.

Coverage to concrete is approximately 22 m² to 24 m² per 5 kg and 44 m² to 48 m² per 10 kg. One coat is generally sufficient for many applications.


Quickly protect masonry, ceramic and concrete floors from oil and chemical contamination with Rizistal EC240 Fast Cure Gloss Epoxy Paint.

Its high build formulation ensures a good film thickness, reducing the number of required coats.

The floor paint coating will cure in about 3 hours at 15°C to a very hard, imperious gloss finish and ready to accept light traffic.

The floor paint is available in 9 different colours to suit company branding, match an existing floor or create new areas and walkways.


CAUTION! Please read.

Please do not confuse our Rizistal EC paint and coating systems with conventional heavy duty floor paints, which are available through normal retail outlets and hardware stores.

All of our paints and coatings are made from pure, concentrated resin. This provides extremely high performance characteristics, which far exceed normal floor paints.

You can expect vastly superior wear & abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, film thickness and excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates.

Once applied correctly, a Rizistal paint or coating will provide a one-time, life-long performance.

No need to re-paint your floors every 6 months with us!


Floor Paint Coating Benefits

  • Minimum installation time.
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to both acid and alkali based chemicals.
  • Match an existing coloured floor or complement company branding colours.
  • Virtually solvent free.


Approx. 22 m² to 24 m² per 5 kg and 44 m² to 48 m² per 10 kg. One coat is generally sufficient for many applications.

Surface Preparation

Concrete to be treated must be dry and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks. Concrete must be free of any surface laitance, contaminants, and have an effective DPM to prevent rising dampness.

All loose or friable surface material should be removed. Hand floated or power floated concrete or any concrete with a smooth surface should be abraded prior to floor coating application to provide a key to ensure that the coating bonds well.

All dust should be vacuumed away prior to application. Grease or oil should be removed with a proprietary degreasant and the area thoroughly hosed off and allowed to dry. Smooth previously painted surfaces should be abraded thoroughly to provide a key for adhesion.

Remove friable or flaking rust and any previous coatings by wire brushing or angle grinding fitted with an appropriate cup wire or carborundum head to achieve a bright surface.

Grease or oil should be removed with a proprietary degreasant and the metal then washed with water and allowed to dry. Coating should be carried out immediately before flash rusting occurs.

Working Time

20 to 30 minutes depending on ambient temperatures. Higher ambient temperatures will reduce the pot life. Always decant into a shallow tray, to extend working time.

Curing Time

After installation, this product must be kept clean and dry for 12 to 18 hours, otherwise the product performance will be seriously affected, which may result in discolouration and lack of cure.

This product will cure in about 3 hours at 15°C to accept light traffic. Full chemical and wear resistance is achieved over 5 to 7 days in similar ambient temperatures.

Temperatures below 10°C will slow down the curing of the product. Temperatures below 5°C will arrest curing. Water or chemicals should not be allowed to lie on the surface for at least 7 days. Avoid washing the floor for 7 days after coating.


For best results mix and install in warm conditions (minimum 15°C). This will ensure its optimum viscosity. Apply the entire pack using a medium, non shedding pile roller (not foam) in one coat.

Chemical Resistance

This floor coating cures to a very hard, impervious, gloss finish that will resist strong acid and alkali based chemicals. As with all high build gloss paint systems, scratching of the surface could occur due to movement of point loads and impacts.

Temperature Resistance

Will withstand temperatures up to 60°C in both operating and cleaning activities.

General Maintenance

When fully cured, acid and alkali detergents or degreasers may be used to clean the surface. Always follow manufacturer recommendations.

For more technical information about this product and its installation, please download its technical data sheet.


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Additional information


Stone, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Grass Green, Bright Blue, French Blue, Golden Yellow, Office Red

Weight kg

5 kg

1 review for Rizistal EC240 – Fast Cure Gloss Epoxy Paint

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    excellent product very pleased with it covers well drys quickly and is very durable. We have used it in a warehouse with forklifts and it holds up very well. but doesn’t cover quite as far as it says on the tin they say 23-25 per 5kg but in our experience id say more 16-20m2 per 5kg tin. Had a problem with some damaged tins on delivery but new tins were sent out strait away no quibble.. overall very pleased with the product as are our customers and very pleased with the service from Rizistal. Would recommend this product

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