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Rizistal RF770 – Solar Reflective Paint

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RF770 Solar Reflective Roof Repair Coating has a bituminous and rubber based compound containing aluminium flake for enhanced solar reflective properties, for repairing, waterproofing and refurbishing roofing materials.

Coverage is approximately 6 – 10 m2 per L.


Rizistal RF770 Solar Reflective Paint Coating is a bituminous and rubber based compound containing aluminium flake for enhanced solar reflective properties.

Added fillers and reinforcement fibres provides excellent water-proofing and creates the ideal refurbishment coating for a variety of roofing materials.


  • Extremely durable, heavy duty reinforced compound.
  • High level of flexibility: The reinforced formulation is capable of bridging cracks and maintaining integrity even through extreme climatic temperature variations.
  • Good chemical resistance: Will resist acid rain and dilute alkali based cleaning compounds.


  • Composite Roofing Tiles
  • Natural Slates
  • Asbestos or Cement Sheeting
  • Felt & Mineral Felt
  • Corrugated Iron, Aluminium & Galvanised Steel Sheeting
  • High level of solar reflectivity from the addition of top quality aluminium flake.


  • 6 – 10m² per litre.

For porous substrate surfaces, a priming coat of Rizistal Liquid Roof Repair Primer is recommended.


6 – 10 m² per litre. For porous substrate surfaces, a priming coat of Rizistal Liquid Roof Repair Primer is recommended.


When not in use, the Paint should be stored in a tightly sealed container and should be kept indoors.

Surface Preparation

As is common in the application of any coating, substrate preparation is vital and will greatly influence both the adhesion and the resulting properties of the coating.

Surfaces should be sound, clean and free from all oil, grease, dirt, dust and loose debris.

Working Time

In its original state there is an indefinite pot life, curing will only begin on application to the substrate. Therefore, all containers should be tightly sealed when not in use.

Curing Time

Approximately 24 hours at ambient temperatures and conditions.

After installation, this product must be kept clean and dry for 12 to 18 hours (depending on ambient temperatures), otherwise the product performance will be seriously affected, which may result in discolouration and lack of cure.


Prior to application, ensure that the entire contents are mixed thoroughly to an even consistency.


The application of the Paint Coating can be carried out between -30 and 40°C.

It is recommended that the Paint Coating is applied by brush or roller.

It is recommended that 2 coats of the Repair Paint is applied for optimum results. The first coat must be allowed to dry before the second is applied.

The Paint may be applied to damp but not wet substrates.

The Paint may bleed through any coatings applied later. We recommend the use of an appropriate primer prior to the further application of coatings.

Consult support@rizistal.co.uk for further information.

Chemical Resistance

The Roof Repair Paint has a resistance to a range of acids and alkalis at low concentrations.

Temperature Resistance

Following full cure, the Paint Coating will begin to soften at 80°C.


The Roof Repair Paint is a solvent based system which can give off an inflammable vapour.

Allow for appropriate ventilation when used in confined spaces until the product is completely dry.

Rizistal advises that the following steps are taken during application:

  • Wear appropriate PPE.
  • Remove all naked flames, burning embers or spark risks during application and drying.
  • Avoid inhalation or consumption.
  • Avoid contact directly to the skin, eyes or non-protected areas of the body.

Further information in the MSDS.


In the event of excessive inhalation of concentrated vapour, remove said person to fresh air and call for medical attention.

Contact with the eyes should be followed by a thorough wash with clean, cold water. Call for medical attention immediately after.

If the coating becomes alight, extinguish with a carbon dioxide, dry chemical or foam fire extinguisher, sand or earth.

Cleaning Equipment

Tools may be cleaned using Rizistal Safer Solvent or Rizistal High Performance General Purpose Cleaning Solvent.

Spillages should be wiped off any surfaces before the bitumen paint has time to cure.


Technical Data | RF770 Solar Reflective Roof Repair CoatingInstructions | RF770 Solar Reflective Roof Repair CoatingMSDS | RF770 Solar Reflective Roof Repair Coating

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