Solar Reflective Paint – Rizistal RF770

Price From: £50.39 (Incl VAT)
£41.99 (Excl VAT)

Rizistal RF770 Solar Reflective Paint Coating is a bituminous and rubber-based compound containing aluminium flake for enhanced solar reflective properties. Filler and reinforcement fibres have been added to our solar reflective roof paint formulation for extra protection and increased waterproofing.

If you’re looking to deflect heat from your roof, solar reflective paint is the perfect solution. Our reflective solar paint can be easily applied using a paint brush or roller and is suitable for felt, tiling, and sheeting. Drying fully in only 24 hours and being able to withstand extreme weather conditions, Rizistal RF770 is the perfect solar reflective paint for your project.

Ensure you choose an appropriate solar reflective roof paint for your premises and follow the relevant instructions to ensure your reflective solar paint application achieves the optimum result. For particularly porous substrate surfaces, we recommend you use a primer before applying solar reflective roof paint.

Suitable roof substrates:
• Natural slates
• Felt and mineral felt
• Composite roof tiling
• Asbestos and cement sheeting
• Corrugated iron, aluminium and galvanised steel sheeting

Key features:
• Easy to apply
• Extremely durable
• Chemical resistant
• Heavy-duty reinforced compound
• Resistant to extreme weather conditions

• Size options: 5L or 20L (sent as 4 x 5L tins)
• Curing time: 24 hours per coat, approximately
• Coverage: between 6-10m² per litre, approximately