Anti Slip Steps

One of the main causes of injury in the workplace, on-site or in a warehouse is slips, trips and falls. Help to prevent these types of accidents by ensuring any hazards are easily visible using anti-slip strips for steps.

Suitable for use on many flooring types, Rizistal’s anti slip step covers and the anti-slip strips for exterior steps can make stairs and steps a lot safer. Simply combine the anti-slip step strips with anti-slip adhesive roll to line the edges of the steps and stairs with a solid bright yellow visible edge while creating a wide slip-resistant surface area. Rizistal self-adhesive anti-slip safety tape is strong and durable and provides excellent slip resistance, making it great for marking out machinery or no-go areas. While our anti slip products are manufactured to the highest quality, please ensure that you are checking them regularly for any damage or hazards, especially in damp conditions.

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