Tarmac & Asphalt Repairs

With heavy vehicles, machinery and pedestrian foot traffic on your site, potholes and cracks forming in your tarmac is almost inevitable. When it comes to repairing the damage, Rizistal’s range of tarmac repair products are weather and mild chemical-resistant, making them ideal for a range of environments. Suitable for use in car parks, on roads, and on warehouse floors, they can be applied to various flooring substrates, both internally and externally. With a quick drying time, your site is ready for traffic again within a matter of hours after application.

Whether you need to repair damage, or your floors just need a refresh, both Rizistal’s tarmac surface restorer and epoxy tarmac repair have excellent coverage and durability. Rizistal’s tarmac restorer paint is one of the best-selling tarmac crack repair products on the market due to how easy it is to use and its high-quality finish.

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