Concrete Cracks & Joints Repair

Maintaining industrial and commercial concrete floors requires high-quality concrete crack repair epoxy products that deliver reliable results. If your flooring has any chips, cracks, or holes, you can rely on Rizistal’s concrete crack repair solutions to mend your floors and help prevent accidents. You should only ever use purpose-made concrete floor crack repair products to guarantee a safe and lasting finish. If you’re in need of concrete repair products for your industrial or commercial premises, our range of joint compounds, mastics, and epoxy concrete repair crack fillers are trusted by building managers to keep their concrete floors in the best condition.

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When repairing your concrete floor, its vital that you select a concrete crack repair or jointing mastic that will suit your environment. The epoxy concrete repair or crack filler should be able to withstand the demands of your premises – whether you’re in an industrial or commercial setting. If you choose a concrete floor crack repair solution that hasn’t been tested in heavy-traffic environments, you won’t be able to rely on its lasting results.

You should always follow the specific instructions in the specification for your epoxy concrete repair or crack filler to ensure you achieve an effective application and leave adequate curing time. All of Rizistal’s concrete crack repair epoxy products are easy to use. Our concrete repair products are available a range of colours to ensure they blend in with your existing flooring, helping to restore your floor to its original finish as much as possible.

We cater for a range of needs in your industrial setting with our market leading concrete repair products. Take a closer look at Rizistal’s concrete floor crack repair and jointing mastics above – you will find full technical specifications and manuals for each of our concrete repair products as downloadable documents.