Ensure your site is safe and secure with Rizistal’s range of parking bollards and security bollards. These heavy-duty steel bollards are specifically designed to protect your factory machinery and external walls from damage by vehicles and impact. In high traffic areas, such as a factory or warehouse, bumps and scrapes are common, so minimize the risk of damage to the structure of the building or equipment by installing Rizistal’s Corner Protection and Safety Barriers. Browse the range below to find out which bollards are best for your site.

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Rizital’s corner protection and safety barriers are made from heavy duty steel to withstand impact from factory traffic and moving machinery. They provide a barrier between high traffic areas and pedestrians to protect building structures, as well as improving customer and staff safety. They can be used in both internal and external environments like warehouses, parking areas, or loading bays, and are yellow coated for maximum visibility to further avoid collisions. Rizistal offers a range of different height bollards and protection for a wide variety of uses.