Concrete Repairs

For all your industrial concrete floor repair needs, Rizistal’s range of purpose-made concrete repair products are designed to achieve the best results. Only solutions like our industrial concrete repair products are created to achieve the optimum finish for concrete flooring in industrial warehouses and factories. If you’re looking for quality, our selection of epoxy concrete repair mortars, mastics, and compounds are formulated with industrial settings in mind. From machinery grout to non-shrink concrete crack repair, we provide products that building managers can trust. Explore the full range below – Rizistal offer a wide variety of industrial concrete repair products for your concrete flooring needs. Find the appropriate concrete repair products for your premises and its requirements.

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When looking for the correct concrete repair products, it’s vital you choose something designed for purpose. Each one of our industrial concrete floor repair solutions has a specific function and we want to help you find the appropriate product to save you time and money as well as ensure your industrial environment is kept as safe as possible.

To achieve the best result for your service, always follow the preparation, application, and curing instructions for your specific industrial concrete repair product. We offer both cold cure and fast cure epoxy concrete repair mortars as well as concrete crack repair filler, paving compound, grout, and step-edge mortar. Many of our industrial concrete floor repair products are available in a range of colours so you can find something perfect for your premises.

We cater for a range of needs in your industrial setting with our market leading products for industrial concrete repair purposes. Take a closer look at Rizistal’s industrial concrete repair epoxy, pourable grout, fillers and mortars above – you will find full technical specifications and manuals for each range as downloadable documents.