Anti-Slip Paints

Prioritise safety without sacrificing aesthetics with Rizistal’s market-leading range of non-slip floor paints, available in a wide range of colours for a variety of surfaces and requirements. Essential for high traffic areas with high footfall, inclines and walkways, or anywhere where changing weather conditions may impact safety, Rizistal’s anti-slip paint for concrete, asphalt and tarmac is a high quality and cost-effective solution. Explore the full range below – each is available with different aggregate sizes for both medium and coarse slip grades. All Rizistal anti-slip floor paint is solvent-free.

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When choosing non-slip paint, there are a few important factors to consider. Firstly, the surface – non-slip concrete floor paint can typically be used for masonry and ceramic floors but may not be suitable for other materials. Anti-slip paints specifically designed for asphalt and tarmac are available; these paints are also more suitable for wood floors or for painting over existing floor paints. Check the product specifications carefully to ensure you have selected the appropriate non-slip paints for your floors.

Colour is also an important factor. While interior design isn’t always a primary concern when selecting safety features, non-slip concrete paints are available in a variety of colour options to match your décor. However, as with any paints, lighter colours may require multiple coats to achieve the desired colour effect – so ensure you select the appropriate quantity.

Finally, be sure to consider the slip grade. Non-slip floor paint for concrete and tarmac contains an aluminium oxide aggregate which is available in two different slip grades – medium and coarse. Coarser graded aggregate is particularly suited for areas where there is an even higher risk of slips and falls than usual, whether due to an incline or adverse conditions.

Take a closer look at Rizistal’s non-slip paint ranges above – you will find full technical specifications and manuals for each range as downloadable documents.