About Rizistal

Rizistal is a UK manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade, repair, paint and protect products.

Rizistal has formulated a range of easy-to-use products for floors and surfaces, which are designed for residential, commercial and industrial, construction and engineering projects.

Every product is supported with its own technical data sheet, materials safety data sheet (MSDS), and easy-to-follow instruction sheet, which all provide the necessary product information to allow for people of all skill levels to safely achieve a professional finish.

Each product has been manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 Process Control for Manufacturing standard and is backed by over 50 years of manufacturing, contracting and installation experience with high-performance resin screeds, coatings and mortars.

Rizistal only supplies to the UK from their online store, however, if you require any Rizistal products to be distributed overseas, please contact us with your delivery details.

Shop Now online or contact the Rizistal support team for product advice and to discuss your project’s requirements.