Flexible Jointing Mastic – Rizistal EX410

Available in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Terracotta & Grey £95.99 (Incl VAT)
£79.99 (Excl VAT)

Rizistal EX410 Flexible Concrete Jointing Mastic is a heavy duty traffic grade polyurethane-modified epoxy flexible jointing compound.

  • Designed for sealing floor joints subject to ongoing movement
  • Easy application, applied in one application
  • Resists strong acid and alkali based chemicals, greases, oils, fuels and salt solutions
  • Ideal for factory and warehouse environments

Each pack contains a small tin of hardener and a tin of resin, once the two are mixed thoroughly simply pour into the joint of the surrounding floor.

  • Available in 6 colours
  • Withstand heavy on going movement
  • Coverage is approx. 12 linear metres based on a 10 mm x 20 mm deep joint