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Epoxy Repair Mortar Fine Filler – Rizistal FF150

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Price From: £27.60 (Incl VAT)
£23.00 (Excl VAT)

Rizistal FF150 Epoxy Fine Filler is designed for repairing broken, worn, cracked or impact damaged concrete and masonry on both floors and vertical surfaces.

  • Similar consistency to a thick putty
  • Ideal for filling surface imperfections before paint application

The fine filler formulation consists of a combination of the latest technology of epoxy resins and hard mineral aggregates.

  • Available in 10 colours
  • Durable finish
  • Excellent abrasion & impact resistance
  • Resistance to both acid and alkali based chemicals
  • Will accept light traffic 2 – 3 hours and heavy traffic after 3 – 5 hours
  • Coverage is approx. 0.3 m² per 1.5 kg at 3 mm thick


Please find all technical information available below for download.


Technical Data | FF150 Epoxy Fine FillerInstructions | FF150 Epoxy Fine FillerMSDS Base & Aggregate Mix | FF150 Epoxy Fine Filler ColourMSDS Hardener | FF150 Epoxy Fine Filler ColourMSDS Base & Aggregate Mix | FF150 Epoxy Fine Filler NaturalMSDS Hardener | FF150 Epoxy Fine Filler Natural

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1 review for Epoxy Repair Mortar Fine Filler – Rizistal FF150

  1. J. Zarach (verified owner)

    I am a very inexperienced DIY-er so, firstly, I noticed excellent advice from Rizistal on the use of their products. I exchanged several emails with them which were answered by return.

    For years I was troubled by rain water entering the room at the top of the window frame. Various “experts” carried out work on the property unsuccessfully to cure the problem. Eventually I discovered that mould seriously damaged the surface of the concrete lintel by attacking the lime content of the concrete.

    Initially, I tried a well known water repellent. It worked well on the perfectly vertical surface, but there were also holes up to 4mm in depth where rain water would lodge and slowly creep indoors. As most fillers are water based they couldn’t be used on a water repellent surface, therefore epoxy resin-based Rizistal mortar looked ideal. It not only filled the deep pits, but also all the shallow imperfections – as claimed by the specification. So far it’s worked, although I’ve been advised elsewhere that epoxy resin should be protected from the UV, so I’ve applied 3 coats of masonry paint which seems to have adhered well.

    I also appreciated the suggestions of other items which could be useful. As epoxy hardens quickly, there is only one chance to get it right and one must be well prepared before starting the work.

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