How Can Safety Tape Benefit Your Workplace

Safety in a Workplace

Safety is a prime concern for any environment, especially for employers. Within a workplace it is important to eliminate any risks that could put your employees in danger.

Safety tape is one step to creating a safe environment. The wonderful thing about safety tape is that it has many uses:

  • To improve safety under foot
  • To alert a person of hazards
  • To mark our zones and walkways
  • To highlight vulnerable areas
  • To give direction and guidance


Anti-Slip Safety Tape

One of the most common accidents to occur in a work place are slips and falls. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of any areas within a workplace and action appropriate safety precautions to protect people.

With winter around the corner, the wet and icy weather conditions can increase the risk of slips. Anti-slip tape can help prevent this risk by providing a slip resistance surface for improved safety under foot in these conditions.

Anti-Slip Staircases, Steps & Walkways

Walkways and staircases are often subjected to a high volume of foot traffic and will likely experience accidents from time to time. By installing a strip of anti-slip safety tape onto each step or along a walkway at intervals, the risk of person slipping will dramatically decrease.

In addition to its highly durable slip resistance surface, an anti-slip safety tape can also be highly visible.

The option of bright colours, such as white and yellow, can be used effectively in dull environments, which can provide an enhanced visual experience allowing a person to identify potential hazards a lot clearer.


Highly Visible Reflective Safety Tape

In comparison to a bright anti-slip safety tape, a tape with reflective properties can provide extremely high visibility attributes, which is ideal for low light environments.

Due to being weather and UV resistant, a reflective tape is a great, quick solution to provide hazard markings or warning zones in both interior and exterior environments.

Within an industrial or commercial environment, reflective tape can be used to warn and alert people about the hazards around them. It can also be used to highlight and protect vulnerable machinery and buildings where potential impact may occur.

Reflective tape can also be used on walls, barriers, gates, loading areas and more. It can be installed as guidelines to help assist a driver when loading or unloading their vehicles, or to demonstrate areas which should be avoided.


Permanent Safety Options

As an alternative, safety tape can be replaced at a later date for a more permanent solution within a workplace.
Line marking paint is an extremely durable and chemical resistant option, which can be used for steps, walkways, paths and more.

In addition, the line marking paint can be installed as anti-slip permanent lines. A fine aggregate can be cast over the freshly painted lines and back-rolled to embed the aggregate into the paint for a long lasting, slip resistant finish.

Bespoke Safety Requirements

If you have any bespoke safety requirements that you would like to discuss with the Rizistal Support Team, please contact them on 0161 764 4617 or email them at [email protected].