How to Renew Asphalt and Tarmac

Renew Your Driveway with Restorer Paint

Over time a tarmac driveway can begin to age. The black colour will fade to grey and begin to look worn and tired. Asphalt and Tarmac Restorer can renew your driveway bringing it back to life, looking like it did when it was first laid.

With aging, can come damage. It is important to evaluate whether your driveway needs any repairs before using the restorer so you can achieve a level finished surface.

If you have small potholes or cracks that need repairing before applying the Restorer Paint, an Asphalt and Tarmac Repair Mortar is the ideal solution.


Step 1: Surface Preparation

• Removal of moss, weeds and other debris from the surface.
• If damp, allow the surface to dry out.
• Repair any cracks, holes or other damage in the surface.

Step 2: Product and Safety Preparation

• Ensure you are wearing the appropriate PPE before using the Restorer Paint.
• Mix the Paint contents thoroughly with a mixing paddle.
• Clean the mixing paddle with Safer Solvent after use.
• Pour the contents into a scuttle to allow easy access for a wide, short pile roller.


Step 3: Product Application

• Firstly, paint around the perimeter of your area with a paint brush or small roller.
• Secondly, paint the remaining area with a wide, short pile roller.
• Paint evenly in long parallel strokes, then repeat in the opposite direction, working the product into the area.
• For rough asphalt and tarmac, a second coating may be required.
• On completion, clean your tools with Safer Solvent.


Step 4: Allow Product to Cure

• The Restorer Paint will become touch dry in 5 hours at temperatures between 10 – 20oC
• While curing, do not allow the surface to be subjected to water or other moisture.
• Colder temperatures and moisture will prolong curing times, and may result in discolouration of the surface finish.