Why Choose Epoxy Floor Paint?

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Painting a Lorry Maintenance Workshop Floor


Paint Once – Use Forever

Epoxy floor paint can be a cost-effective alternative to installing completely new flooring. Whether you need to repaint your walkways, warehouse or just brighten up your garage, epoxy floor paint can be used for both commercial and residential environments.

The high build formulation of an epoxy resin paint provides a good film thickness, which can be applied to many surfaces with just one coat.

The pure concentrated epoxy resin formula far exceeds normal floor paints and demonstrates extremely high performance characteristics. Unlike conventional heavy-duty floor paints from your local hardware store, an epoxy painted floor will not need to be repainted every six months.

The excellent durability of the coating creates an abrasion-resistant layer creating a long-lasting floor surface that will not peel, crack or warp when subjected to extreme temperature changes.



Easy and Efficient to Clean.

Concrete flooring can often be difficult to clean and can dry out when exposed to high temperatures resulting in cracks appearing. Once an epoxy paint coating is installed it can provide concrete with a protective layer and prevent the surface from drying out, reducing the risk of cracking.

The seamless glossy finish creates a non-absorbent surface which is easy and efficient to clean.

It is important to make sure any cracks or surface imperfections are sealed before installing a floor paint coating, otherwise the integrity of the floor paint can be compromised. To do this a simple epoxy crack filler can be poured into the cracks making sure the concrete surface is intact and stable.



Quick and Easy Application

Applying a brand new flooring can be time very consuming as well as costly, whereas installing an epoxy floor paint can be quick and easy.

For an improved application time, fast curing resin paint can be used to minimise the downtime of the area and ensure a quick turnaround.

For environments with low temperatures, a cold curing epoxy paint coating can be used. This allows for installation in temperatures between 0 – 10 degrees Celsius.



Improve Safety Under Foot with Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Safety underfoot is an important factor in any environment, especially when a surface can be slippery when wet or greasy.

To create an anti-slip surface, an epoxy resin paint can have an aggregate added to the surface during installation. The easier and most common way of installing an aggregate is to evenly cast it over a freshly coated surface before it has cured and then roll back over the surface to encapsulate the aggregate into the thick resin paint.

Anti-slip epoxy floor paint can especially benefit residential garage floors or outside areas where cars, bikes or bicycles will be used. The aggregate produces a non-skid surface which can work with rubber tyre tread providing surface friction in wet conditions.

Alternatively in commercial environments, employee safety can be improved by installing a non-slip epoxy floor paint either internally or externally to create safe working areas, walkways, ramps, loading bays and more.