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Rizistal SC870 – Dustproof Concrete Sealer

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Rizistal SC870 Dustproof Concrete Sealer is an extremely durable, single component, solvent based, clear acrylic sealer for dusty concrete surfaces.

Coverage is approximately 8 m2 per litre.

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Rizistal SC870 Dustproof Concrete Sealer is an extremely durable, single component, solvent based, clear acrylic sealer.

Its low viscosity ensures rapid penetration into the most and least porous of substrates.


  • Quick and easy fix providing an ideal solution to less dense or dusty concrete.
  • Highly penetrative: By penetrating through the top surface of the substrate, the acrylic formula provides a protective coating which greatly reduces water penetration and general weathering.
  • Improved appearance: Enhances the natural aesthetics of the substrate.
  • Non-yellowing: The sealer is a UV stable product, which enhances the natural appearance of concrete.
  • Damp tolerant: Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Eliminates dusting: With the correct numbers of coats, the sealer will stop further dusting of the concrete surface thereby reducing constant cleaning maintenance of the floor surface and any machinery or equipment housed on the floor.


  • 5 – 12m² per litre.


5 – 12m² per litre.


The sealer is a flammable compound with a flash point of 42°C.

It should be stored in a cool, dry area with good ventilation.

Smoking or the use of any naked flames within the storage area will pose significant Health and Safety risks.

Store in closed containers to extend shelf life.

Surface Preparation

New Concrete
The sealer can be spray applied directly onto freshly laid concrete as soon as the surface water has disappeared. Used in this way, the sealer also acts as curing membrane.

Existing Concrete

Existing concrete slabs should be clean, sound and free of oil, loose paint film or other contamination.

Grinding with an industrial grinder is the preferred method of preparation to generate sufficient mechanical adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

If grinding is not a practical option, sweep the surface thoroughly with a stiff broom.

Sweep and/or vacuum all dust and debris from the surface. A dry surface is recommended, but damp surfaces are acceptable provided there is no free water.

Working Time

1 – 2 hours. To increase working time and shelf life all containers should be tightly sealed when not in use.

Curing Time

Touch dry at 20°C after 2 – 4 hours.

Full Cure at 20°C after 24 hours.


No mixing required. The sealer is ready to use straight from the container.


The acrylic formula has a flash point of 42°C and so should not be applied in temperatures close to this.

New Concrete
After completion of the concrete pour, the sealer should be sprayed evenly evenly from conventional low pressure spray equipment on to concrete surface once free from surface water.

In severe drying conditions the concrete may additionally be covered with polythene sheets, shade and windbreaks. In hot weather store the coating containers in a cool place prior to use.

Existing Concrete
The sealer may be applied to the prepared surface using a brush, roller or low pressure spray.

A single coat application will give a matt finish with minimal change in appearance. Additional coats will give an increasing gloss finish to the substrate.

For optimum results 2 coats should be applied, although further coats may be necessary in the case of overly porous concrete.

Temperature Resistance

The sealer will withstand normal outdoor temperatures ranging from -20 to 40°C.


The sealer is a flammable material, which requires good ventilation in the work area.

Avoid sources of combustion and naked flames during use and store in closed containers.

Skin and eye contact should be avoided with appropriate PPE worn at all times.

More information in the MSDS.


In the event of excessive inhalation of concentrated vapour, remove said person to fresh air and call for medical attention.

Contact with the eyes should be followed by a thorough wash with clean, cold water. Call for medical attention immediately after.

If the coating becomes alight, extinguish with a carbon dioxide, dry chemical or foam fire extinguisher, sand or earth.

Cleaning Equipment

Tools may be cleaned using Rizistal Safer Solvent or Rizistal High Performance General Purpose Cleaning Solvent. Spillages should be wiped off any surfaces before the coating has time to cure.


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